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cPanel Hosting Rent - With the Web Hosting Rent service, you can host your websites securely and quickly 24/7.

  • Free SSL Certificate

  • Free Backup Service

  • Free cPanel Control Panel

  • %100 SSD Disc Servers

Web Hosting Packages

cPanel Hosting Rent - With the Web Hosting Rent service, you can host your websites securely and quickly 24/7.

Quality and Performance Together!

cPanel Hosting - You will realise the quality thanks to the services we offer you free of charge in our Individual Web Hosting services.

%100 Turkish Control Panel

Corporate Web Hosting - cPanel We offer you 100% Turkish cPanel control panel free of charge in our hosting packages.

Data Security

Website Hosting - Our Web Hosting packages are monitored 24/7 on the servers where they are located and protected by Imunfy360.

One Click Installation

Web Hosting - In our cPanel Hosting packages, you can install ready-made sites such as WordPress - Joomla - Mybb with one click from your control panel.

99% Uptime Guarantee

Individual Web Hosting - Your sites hosted in our cPanel Hosting packages are always accessible with 99% Uptime guarantee.

Cloud Backup System

Corporate Hosting - Your sites hosted in our Web Hosting packages are backed up weekly free of charge in three different locations.

Expert Technical Support Team

cPanel Hosting - Our technical team helps you 24/7 in any problem you may experience in your Individual Web Hosting service.

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If you request a special cPanel Hosting - Web Hosting service you can benefit from the services we can offer you by contacting us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Today, the Internet has become a platform where everyone from individuals to businesses can reach their target audience. One of the most basic needs for those who want to take part in this platform is to have an impressive website. At this point, the web hosting service we offer as Hostizyo comes into play.

What is Web Hosting?
Web hosting is a service that allows websites to be accessible on the internet. Basically, the files and databases of a website are stored on specially designed servers, and visitors access these servers through their web browsers to view the site.

Customised Service
The web hosting service we offer as Hostizyo is a specially designed solution for websites. It allows our customers to manage their online assets in the best way by offering high performance, security and easy management facilities.

Free Transport Service
As Hostizyo, we prioritise customer satisfaction. For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to migrate your existing website free of charge. In this way, when you choose our hosting service, you can easily move your existing website to Hostizyo infrastructure.

Application Installation with One Click
To make your website more impressive and functional, Hostizyo web hosting service makes it possible to install popular applications such as WordPress, Joomla with one click. In this way, you can customise your website as you wish without requiring programming knowledge.

Daily and Weekly Backup Service
In order to prevent data loss and ensure security, Hostizyo web hosting service offers free weekly backup. In addition, daily backup service is also provided for a fee. With international and domestic backup services, your data is always safe.

Security Measures and Imunify360
As Hostizyo, we take every precaution in terms of security for your servers. Thanks to Imunify360, security protection and virus protection are provided, ensuring that your website is constantly secure. In addition, an expert team that provides 24/7 monitoring also responds quickly to possible security threats.

Fast Response Times with CloudLinux Infrastructure
Hostizyo web hosting service is supported by CloudLinux infrastructure. In this way, you can respond quickly and effectively to high traffic on your websites and maximise performance.

Free 100% Turkish cPanel Control Panel
Hostizyo web hosting service comes with a user-friendly and 100% Turkish cPanel control panel. This control panel facilitates the management of your website and allows you to make all kinds of settings in a simple way.

As a result, the web hosting service we offer as Hostizyo allows you to manage your website successfully and securely with its special design, free migration, one-click application installation, backup services, security measures, Imunify360 protection, 24/7 monitoring team, CloudLinux infrastructure and free Turkish cPanel control panel.

Individual Hosting - Corporate Web Hosting service is delivered automatically after purchase.