Amazon Virtual Server Service

Amazon Server, Amazon Virtual Server Service specially for you designed services. It is used to avoid problems on Amazon.

  • Private Fixed IP Address

  • Windows Operating System

  • Can be connected remotely 24/7

  • Clean IP Address

Amazon Server Packages

With Amazon Server Services, you can manage your multiple Amazon Accounts you can manage on the server and connect to all of them from a single computer.

First Choice of Expert Firms

As Hostizyo, we provide the best quality service to expert companies in the field. The values of our customers carry us even higher.

Quality and Performance Together!

Amazon Virtual Server Rent - Amazon Server Rent You will realise the quality thanks to the services we offer you free of charge in our services.

Custom Control Panel

Thanks to the completely specially designed control panel, you can manage your service every second.

Special Design Servers

We provide you with uninterrupted high performance service with completely special design servers in our services.

Ready Server with One Click

All our amazon server rental services are designed specifically for your needs and installed with a single click.

99% Uptime Guarantee

Amazon Server Rent - With 99% Uptime guarantee in Amazon VDS Rent services, your servers will be active 24/7 without any problems.

Cloud Backup Option

In addition to your Amazon Server Rent - Amazon VDS Rent services, backups are provided with the periods you request thanks to the backup service.

Quality Support Team

Amazon VDS Rent - Our technical team helps you 24/7 in any problem you may experience in your Amazon Server service.

Are you thinking of buying in bulk?

YIf you demand a high amount of Amazon Virtual Server - Amazon VDS service you can benefit from our campaign prices by contacting us.

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Hostizyo Virtual Servers for Amazon Merchant Account Management
The virtual server service we offer as Hostizyo is a solution designed specifically for Amazon sellers. Offering a professional approach to your management needs for Amazon's seller accounts, this service allows your business to operate more effectively on the Amazon platform.

Private and Clean IP Addresses
Hostizyo's virtual servers for Amazon sellers provide each user with dedicated clean IP addresses. This increases account security in accordance with Amazon's security standards and prevents any interaction between accounts.

Pre-installation with Amazon Business Applications
To manage your merchant accounts more efficiently, Hostizyo virtual servers come pre-installed with Amazon's required business applications. This gives your business a quick start on the Amazon platform and helps you optimise your business processes.

Overseas and Domestic Replacement Service
It is important that your merchant accounts are constantly accessible. Hostizyo virtual servers offer international and domestic backup services for a fee. In this way, you can take precautions against data loss and protect your business continuity.

Account Protection with Security Measures
Hostizyo prioritises the security of your Amazon merchant accounts. Our virtual servers take all necessary precautions in terms of security, ensuring the security of your accounts and taking measures against potential threats.

Free Control Panel and Easy Installation
The free control panel we have developed to manage your Amazon seller accounts offers an easy-to-use interface. Thanks to the one-click installation feature, you can quickly start using your virtual servers and manage your Amazon transactions smoothly. As a result, the virtual server service we offer as Hostizyo is specially designed for Amazon sellers. It contributes to the success of your business on the Amazon platform with private and clean IP addresses, pre-installed business applications, backup services, security measures, free control panel and easy installation features.

Amazon Virtual Server Rent - Amazon VDS Rent service is delivered automatically after purchase.